What are the application advantages of pos terminal configuration with thermal printer?

What are the application advantages of pos terminal configuration with thermal printer?

Nowadays, we can often see pos terminal in retail and catering stores. The functions of cash registers are relatively powerful, in addition to the function of ordering settlement, sales data analysis, statistics, membership functions, inventory, invoicing and other application functions, etc., The current smart all in one pos terminal also has other application advantages, such as configuring a variety of mobile settlement modules, code scanning payment, card payment, etc., such as configuring a voice broadcast module, a  receipt printer, etc., by adding functional modules, the cash register becomes getting smarter. Today, let’s talk about the advantages of the POS terminal configuration and printing integration?

Dual-screen all in one pos terminal and printer MJ7820D

all-in-one-pos1 pos terminal

1.Now there are many brands of smart cash registers that can be configured and printed according to customer needs, such as our common 58mm receipt printer, which is small in size and easy to configure. Receipt printing is completed synchronously during ordering or checkout operations. For supermarkets, convenience stores, wet markets, bakeries, cold drink stores, pharmacies, restaurants, clothing stores and other stores, cashier receipts and commodity sales receipts are essential. The printer and the pos terminal are integrated into one, which makes the operation of the cashier more convenient and quicker. For merchants, there is no need to configure the printer separately, and there is no need to operate through other interfaces and power supplies. , make the cashier more neat and concise.

2.The dual-screen POS terminal MJ7820D produced by MINJCODE Technology has a built-in printer, is the first choice for postal, bank, social security and other government affairs office charging scenarios, and is also the first choice for many micro and small shops. Of course, depending on the application scenario , you can choose single screen or dual screen independently. For example, in our common cold drink stores, the application of dual-screen cash registers is more in line with modern needs and can improve the interaction between consumers and businesses; Printing a cash register can allow customers to clearly understand the name, weight and price of each dish while checking out, avoiding common problems in market transactions such as undercharge, overcharge, and omission, and the supply of commodity receipts can also be Form an effective link with customers, customers can remember the name of the store through the sales receipt, thereby effectively promoting the next consumption.

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